Press & Public Relations Office

"The Municipality of Alimos, a part of the Greek Riviera, that includes beautiful and crystal clear beaches, each summer is flooded with residents and visitors who wish to enjoy their summer baths. However, we were always occupied and concerned about the safety of swimmers, since our country ranks in the worst positions with respect to the drowning frequency. The installation of the floating swim platforms “Catch a breath” at the First and Second Salt Meadow of Alimos, following their receipt as a donation from the Bodossakis Foundation and Water Salvation, was extremely helpful. Our swimmers and especially the elderly, commented on the installation of the platforms with enthusiasm because, as they claimed, they now have a safety island in the water where they can rest for a few minutes each time they feel tired or do not feel well.

Safety is a right for all in sea as well!

We would like to warmly thank the Bodossakis Foundation and Water Salvation for their sponsorship and collaboration for that purpose."