With the kind sponsorship of AIGEA, on the initiative of prof. Thomas Kiousi, chairman of the Municipal Education Committee and with placement works of Civil Protection of the Municipality of Kropia and NAO Kekrops.

Floats began to be placed for the safety of swimmers on the beaches of the Municipality of Kropia. This important action of the Municipality of Kropia is a kind sponsorship of AIGEA AMKE (Urban Non-Profit Company for Cultural and Public Benefit Project, Athanasios and Marina Martinou Foundation) on the initiative of Professor, Thomas (Maki) Kiousi, President of the School Member of the Bureau of the Municipal Council of Koropi.

The first 5 floats - out of the 12 in total that will be installed - are already in use by swimmers on the beach of Agia Marina.

The Civil Protection of the Municipality of Kropia with its head, Deputy Mayor Theodoros G. Grivas and the Temple of Kekrops with the president-secretary of the Hellenic Sailing Federation, Mr. Georgios Kamnis, took care of their installation and operation.

The Mayor of Kropia, Dimitrios Kiousis warmly thanks AIGEAS AMKE for another positive response to a proposal of public benefit purpose of the Municipality and the president of the Board of Education, prof. Thomas Kiousi. He also warmly thanks Mr. Georgios Kamnis and NAO Kekrops for the help in the placement and all those who took care of it, the Deputy Mayor Theodoros Grivas, executives and volunteers of the Municipality and the Civil Protection.

The floats or "Bathing Rest Floats" (are a Greek original patent for Water Salvation patented by OBI) are a protective equipment specially designed for sea waves, with non-slip handles that make it easier for the bather to hold one or two his hands and rest. It offers buoyancy capable of assisting the bather in an emergency. They serve as reference points, surveillance and protection for swimmers so that in case of illness, fatigue or other health emergency they can find a temporary floating rescue point.

Caution is not a water game but a means of prevention for bathers

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