On Saturday 19/6 the president and members of the Community of Galissa distributed 10 bathing boats "SOSimple Catch a breath" in the Communities of Manna, Varis, Poseidonia, Finika and Ano Syros.

The floats are a kind sponsorship of the Urban Non-Profit Company "Water Salvation and more" and the Bodossakis Foundation and were given at the request of the Galissa Community.

But what is the purpose of the Catch a breath Bathing Float?

The Bathers Rest Float offers a safety island to the bather who feels tired, uncomfortable or unwell, allowing him to be caught and rested until he feels better. At the same time on lifeguarded beaches it gives the lifeguard time to intervene.

The float is permanently and in a fixed place placed during the summer period inside the bath area, for use at the will and need of each bather, without the need for intervention from third parties. It immediately gives the solution to keep the bather to overcome the problem or to give the lifeguard time to intervene. The swimmer catches with his fingers from the non-slip due to roughness groove that the float carries around the perimeter, giving a clear buoyancy of over 20 kg.

The float is a Greek "patent" of the founder of "Water Salvation and more" Mr. Sotiris Bouzianis. Production of Bakoplast with "Manufacturer Declaration of Conformity".

Special thanks are expressed to Water Salvation and more and the Bodossaki Foundation.