Last year, six Catch a Breath Floats were piloted in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia - the top EU bathers in drowning according to official statistics. In Estonia, the Resque Board positively and enthusiastically evaluated this innovative water safety device and proceeded to order more Catch a Breath Floats, in order to be placed in the summer of 2021 in sea areas of the country with high traffic.

The Estonian Embassy in Athens assisted with the transfer of the Floats from Athens to Tallinn. And he did not do it in the usual boring way: The Floats were loaded on a boat of the Estonian Police and Coast Guard, which served in Chios to protect the borders of the European Union.

The Secretary of the Embassy, ​​Mrs. Terje Homutov Giannikou, made a decisive contribution to the process and the communication with the Water Salvation that designed the Float, while Mr. Antonios Karaplis, guide, helped in the delivery and collection. Water Salvation offered informative bilingual (in Estonian and English) beach signs with instructions for using the Catch a Breath Float to bathers. The operation ended on April 1 where 60 "Catch a Breath" Floats arrived in Estonia!

The first official trip of Catch a Breath outside the borders of Greece is a fact! Let us hope that other countries will follow the example of Estonia so that we can all save lives together!