Mayor of Alimos & catch a breath

(September 24, 2019) “Thank you for the kind words and the honor. I and the municipality did nothing more than what our duty and common sense dictates. That is to give space to innovations and good ideas and practices, so that we can have safer coasts, save lives, have more pleasant conditions for bathers of all ages and especially the elderly and physically weaker. This innovation is smart and easy to implement.

We gladly accepted it and put it to use in our city. I hope he finds others who will adopt the measure. I wish all of us, state and local government, to work so that our coasts, our seas that are highly visited by people from all over the world, are safe at the same time. Most drownings, the vast majority, are completely unfair and unjustified. In a simple way we could have saved them. Although it is simple, it still remains difficult unfortunately.

So I believe and hope that your innovation and practice will be a first-class measure to minimize drownings and accidents at sea. I wish that you will always be creative, that we have good cooperation and that all the local self-government bodies and the state take an example from the good practices that the various municipalities apply".

September 24, 2019



"This particular innovation is smart and easy to apply.
We gladly welcomed it and got the most out of it for the benefit of our city. I hope that others will adopt the same measure too. I hope that everyone, both the state and the local government will work together to make our beaches safer, apart from the fact that our seashores attract visitors from all over the world. By far and away the largest number of drownings is unfair and unjustified. In fact, we could have quite easily rescued those people"