The action of Water Salvation concerns the whole Greek society, but also the tourists of our country. Beach bathers, children and adults and vulnerable groups benefit from information, education and the installation of life-saving devices. In terms of drowning, people of extreme ages (i.e. 0-5 years and the elderly), those withrisky behaviour inside and around the water, those who do not know how to swim, those who know how to swim but overestimate their strength, those consuming alcohol etc. are considered high-risk individuals.

The project to be financed concerns the production and supply to Greek of the floating swimming platforms"Catch a breath", in order to equip their beaches for the summer of 2021 and make them safer and friendlier. The selection of the Municipalities is based on their needs and their awareness on the issue and necessarily following a positive decision of their Economic Committees on the acceptance of the donation. Already 14 Municipalities are waiting for the installation of floating platforms & signs before the start of the summer season 2021. Expecting that others will apply, too, your support for the production of 600 Catch a Breath” platforms is especially useful. The project has 3 phases:

03-05 / 21: Production of floating platforms

06-07 / 21: Shipping-Installation

09-10 / 21: Report-Evaluation

The beneficiary of the project is the whole society. The primary beneficiaries are the bathers (citizens, Greeks and foreign tourists), children in camps, the elderly, the disabled and their families. There is also public benefit thanks to the assistance provided to lifeguards, thesavings in accident costs of the Municipalities, of the state mechanism and of the health system in general. In summary, the benefits are:

- Enhanced safety for vulnerable groups

- Auxiliary assistance of lifeguard in organized beaches

- Creation of rescue islands in beaches without any safety measures

The floating platform has a lifespan of more than five years, therefore it can be used for at least 5 summer periods as a means of prevention and salvation. No special maintenance is needed, except for a check by the competent department of each Municipality at the beginning of each season for its proper fixing. This makes the cost significantly lower compared to other ways of lifeguarding. The project both during its implementation and at the end thereof will be evaluated based on:

- The response, acceptance and use of floating platformsby bathers

- The experience of lifeguards

- The reports of the relevant Municipal officials

The indicators / tools that will be used are:

- Assessments by the relevant Municipal officials

- Annual Drowning Report

- Report on Risk Avoidance Incidents

- Questionnaires to bathers, lifeguards, medical staff

Beach sign Bodossaki
  • transfer-catch-a-breath  Παραλάβετε στο χώρο σας και πληρώστε με αντικαταβολή
  • catch-a-breath-in-the-sea  Τοποθετείστε τον Πλωτήρα στην θάλασσα και την πινακίδα στην ακτή



*Δώρο οι ενημερωτικές πινακίδες για την ακτή.


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